It is an electronic mode of signature using one’s Aadhaar number. It is absolutely a paperless online signature. Any Aadhaar holder can register in our site www.mindzones.in and can utilize our services of eSign by authenticating himself/ herself against Aadhaar database.

eSign of Mind Zones can be used to sign a document electronically and can be shared to request signatures from multiple users. The signee of the document can also track the status of who has already signed the document and who among the requested are yet to sign. Mind Zones provides the user to fully maintain the documents in his/ her own space.

Yes, any legally registered business entity in India can use this eSign service.

Anybody with an Aadhaar number or a Virtual ID(VID) and a mobile number registered with Aadhaar can use eSign to sign documents online from any remote area.

Yes. eSign is legally valid and it is a recognized form of signature under the provisions of Information Technology Act, 2000.

Aadhaar eSign can be carried out in an electronic document within a few seconds. To do this any individual has to register with Mind Zones (in the web portal www.mindzones.in). The registered user can apply for eSign on any electronic content by authenticating themselves through OTP received on their Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number (RMN) for doing Aadhaar eKYC service. Registered users are to verify their mobile number while registering with Mind Zones.

eSign helps you to sign a document at your convenience. All you need is a 12-digit Aadhaar number or a 16-digit VID and a mobile number registered with it. If two parties entering into an agreement have Aadhaar number and Aadhaar-registered mobile numbers, then it is possible for both the parties to sign the document online without being physically present. Besides being reliable, using eSign service helps you save time and money. Since eSign involves paperless transactions, you can also contribute your bit in saving trees.

The application eSign, which is the eSign service of Mind Zones is secured, audited and it is certified by a Cert-In empanelled auditor of Government of India for Information Security, vulnerabilities checks, compliance with direct guidelines formulated by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) and implicated guidelines laid down by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Mind Zones offers bank grade security for all your sensitive documents. Please read our Security Documents for more information.

An Aadhaar based electronic signature or eSign can be verified as follows-
i) Download the signed document and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader-.
ii) Right click on the signature and click on ‘Show Signature Properties’.
iii)In the ‘Signature Properties’ dialog box, click on ‘Show Signer’s Certificate’.
iv) On the left pane of the ‘Certificate Viewer’ dialog box, if there is a hierarchy of CA (Certifying Authority) like CDAC/ NSDL and the Signer’s Name or email id, the document may be confirmed as a Aadhaar based digitally signed or eSigned.

All documents’ audit trail is done by Mind Zones and the Certifying authority. In case of any dispute, please write to support@mindzones.in. It is suggested to send all such requests at least 15 working days in advance.

To create a Mindzones account, you are to sign up using your email address or phone no. If you are signing up using single sign-on, grant permissions to Mindzones. To sign up using email address, click on the email confirmation link received in your inbox.

If you forget password, you will click ‘Forgot password’. You will receive a link on your email registered with your mindzones.in account. Click the link to verify. Enter new password > Confirm new password > Submit.

If you want to change password, you will go to Account> Settings. Click Change Password. Enter new password > Confirm new password > Submit.

In traditional digital signature certificates, the individual’s identity is verified and then issued an USB dongle to store the private key. The access to private key is secured with a password/ pin. But physical verification, document based identity validation and issuance of physical dongle does not scale to the billions of people in India. Therefore, there is a need of a simple on-line service, which is fully paperless and hassle-free, also which will allow everyone to digitally sign an electronic document from anywhere and at anytime. Only thing is the signer has to have an Aadhaar number and a Aadhaar registered mobile number.

While using traditional dongle based digital signature, in case of signature forgery or dispute owed to repudiation, the authenticity of the signatures can only be established through forensic, which is also not full-proof. It also take a lot of time to verify and cost incurred heavily. Hence, there is no way to establish signer’s identity. However, using Aadhaar eSign (ESign), the user’s identity is established prior to applying the signature and therefore a completely non-repudiation solution. The user can never deny the fact that he/ she has not signed the document.

Dongle based Digital Signature Certificate Aadhaar Based eSign
The dongle based Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) has three types, which are categorized as ‘Class’ namely-
Class-I, which authenticates email address,
Class-II, which requires photographs, proof of identity and proof of address, attested by a gazetted officer or bank official and
Class-III, which requires photographs, proof of identity and proof of address, attested by a gazetted officer or bank official. It also requires in-person verification by CA.
The Aadhaar based eSign is two types also categorized as Class
OTP Class: It is authenticated through an OTP using Aadhaar eKYC. The OTP class of eSign is equivalent to the Class-II of dongle based Digital Signature Certificate.
Biometric Class: It is authenticated using individual’s bio-metric i.e either fingerprint or IRIS using Aadhaar eKYC
Private key for such DSCs are provided in Password/PIN protected USB dongles and need to be renewed. There is nothing to renew. It can be done anytime from anywhere



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